South Korean native, Min Kyung Lee, began her musical path as a young pianist. In time, Ms. Lee transitioned to the cello. She attended Kyung-Sung University for her Bachelors of Music, studying under Yoomi Lee. She subsequently received her Masters of Arts from Montclair State University, under the guidance of Chaim Zemach. In addition, Ms. Lee attended Purchase College, SUNY, receiving her Artist Diploma under the mentorship of Julia Lichten and Peter Wiley. Ms. Lee has performed with the Pusan Chamber Orchestra, and has participated in the Chautauqua Music Festival. She has also performed with the Bloomfield Symphony Orchestra, the Montclair Chamber Orchestra, and the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra. Additionally, Ms. Lee has performed with the Livingston Symphony, the Plainfield Symphony, and the New Jersey Philharmonic Orchestra. She currently devotes her time to performing chamber music and teaching.